Preparations pt.2

Yes, I finally have a date of departure. I will be flying on Sunday the 25th of August, arriving in Hangzhou on Monday the 26th. Which is in 19 days. Which means I’m slightly stressing out. I will pick up my passport tomorrow, and I’ll go to the Hague with my dad on Friday to apply for my visa – and all I can hope is that I have the correct documents and everything. It would be a disaster if I’ll end up without a visa on the 25th…

I’ll be applying for a double entry 90-day visa, which means I have to leave China after the first three months and come back for the second 90 days. The guy at the visa centre suggested I visit Hong Kong for a day or two, and that actually sounds like a great idea. It does mean more visa applicating though. Thinking of it now, I have no idea whether I can apply for a Honk Kong visa in China itself, or whether it has to be done in the Hague… oh bloody.

Anyway, preparations are really starting to heat up now. I have two ‘parties’ planned, one for some schoolfriends from Groningen, and another for a group of friends which lives slightly further away (mostly Amsterdam, Rotterdam, those kind of places). I also need to invite my Taekwon-do pals to a night of drinking and crying, I need to set a date for that *mental note*.

Besides that, not much has really changed from my last post. I now know when I’ll be leaving, and that I’ll be living in housing being provided by the company. It has furniture and basis cooking utensils, thank god. Well I’m glad I’m flying a week before starting the internship, that way I can get settled in and maybe buy some more stuff that turns out not to be there.
Oh and I can say my parents are starting to feel the situation as well… My dad can’t shut up about it and I have the feeling my mom hasn’t really accepted the fact that I’m leaving yet… šŸ˜‰

Oh for anyone who wants to see me, just give me a call / send me an app! I’m available most of the coming three weeks, and I really want to see as many people as often as possible before leaving.

As a closing statement, here is a picture of a cloud shaped like a dragon.

Dragon Cloud


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