Spending spree

The past week has been all about spending money. With buying my ticket, a suitcase, lenses, all kinds of clothing and other things I needed for my trip, all my savings have kinda gone up in smoke. Spending all that money really sucks, but on the other hand, this is what I was saving it up for…

You can’t say I have much left or anything.

My last week in the Netherlands has arrived, and this week will be all about packing and saying my goodbyes to people. Saying goodbye for a year is never fun, but it feels good to see as many people as possible before I leave. I’m having farewell dinners this entire week, with probably the largest on Saturday, when I’m eating my last meal with my folks and brother and sister. Then, Sunday is the big day. We’ll have to leave between 07:00 and 07:30 in the morning, to make sure I’m at the airport before noon due to check-in.

So, this isn’t a very long update / post, but I hadn’t posted anything for a week so I wanted to let you guys know what was going on.

Oh I also have to arrange some insurance. That’s probably a good idea.


One thought on “Spending spree

  1. Lieve dochter, vol bewondering volg ik alle stappen, die je zet om je buitenlandreis te realiseren. Ik gun je een fijn jaar met veel positieve ervaringen. Ik ben trots op je. Papa Jan

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