Final Preparations

So, final preparations have now begun. The packing list has been printed, my passport has been thoroughly checked and re-checked and I’ve had about all the goodbyes I can handle in a week. It was fun though, seeing everyone – and now I even have a pillowcase to cry on when I get homesick! (It’ll ruin the printing, but oh well… you’ll just have to send me a new one).

It’s only two more nights until I fly out, and it’s all a bit mixed – on the one hand I’m not looking forward to leaving for a year and not seeing everyone for a long time – but on the other hand I kind of wish it’s Sunday already and all the packing is over and done with and I’m ready to fly out.

Anyway, my next post will be posted from China! I have set up a VPN which allows me to internet through Dutch servers, so my blog will remain updated by my own hand. My brother has already ordered me to jog down the Chinese Wall, for at least a few Ks, if anyone else has specific requests / quests I have to undertake and blog about – just let me know and I’ll consider them πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Final Preparations

  1. Duly noted… And of course the club mates could stay up to date if you put a link to this blog on the Sung Zang site! πŸ˜‰ But I will also write a few bits specifically for the website whenever I do something martial artsy, definitely. If in return I’m kept up to date of everything that goes on within the club of course…

  2. Good luck with the last preperations!

    On that same Chinese Wall obviously you should pose with a kick or other Taekwon-Do pose (preferably in dobok)!
    Also: try out some Chinese martial arts (the more obscure the better).
    And when you do any martial arts where ever in the East, you should blog about it, send photo’s and more to and we’ll keep your club mates up to date.

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